alfa collective

Anett Tamm – vocals, guitar, piano
Johannes Laas – electric guitar
Taaniel Pogga – keyboards
Robert Nõmmann – electric bass, double bass
Martin Petermann- drums and percussion

Alfa Collective is led by a young woman’s mind of chaos and tranquility. With the musical support of her good companions, she softly reflects upon her varying emotional states, roles and values throughout compositions.

The group of five mixes an unique flow of neo soul music with hints of funk, blues and jazz while experimenting with both bold and familiar sounds. In September 2018, the band released their debut album "Canvas" - an eclectic journey fragmented into bursts of improvisation, quiet observations, effortless melodies and smooth beats. Alfa Collective sparked it’s first ideas in 2016 and evolved into a steady group in 2017. The band has since been touring around their home country Estonia, played at local festivals and venues as well as given concerts in neighbouring Baltic countries.