alfa collective

Anett Tamm – vocals, guitar, piano, compositions
Johannes Laas – electric guitar
Taaniel Pogga – keyboards
Robert Nõmmann – electric bass, double bass
Martin Petermann- drums and percussion

Alfa Collective is an eclectic jazz-funk and experimental pop band formed in 2017. The collective is led by the singer and Estonia's "Young Jazz Talent 2022" Anett Tamm, who embraces constant growth and change in her musical vision, allowing it to range from free improvisation to art pop. Alfa Collective began their search for a unique sound when recording their debut album “Canvas”, released in 2018. Today, the band has found a new progressive route and dreamy, synth-filled sound, mixing different musical influences more bravely than ever before. The new inspirations and aspirations can be heard on the fresh EP "Hello Egg", rated 10/10 by critic Berk Vaher in Eesti Ekspress and described as "thoroughly composed, melodically exciting and effortless in execution" by Estonian music critics Valner Valme and Siim Nestor. It's a sour mix of nuanced fairy-like vocals, playful melodies, modal harmonies, tender improvisational moments and fiery passion for rhythmic challenges.

Alfa Collective has performed at Mägede Hääl Festival, Tudengijazz festival, Mailaul festival, Juu Jääb festival, NOVUS Music Incubator, Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival and Pula Jazz Festival. Their debut album “Canvas” was released in 2018. and aside from the main band it features guitarist Erki Pärnoja and singer-violinist Marianne Leibur.