alfa collective
Everything is in its right place with Alfa Collective: sounds, production, melodies. Music, which could seem dry and superficial on paper, is made to flow."Valner Valme, 1.04.22

"Alfa Collective simply just is – embodying music like a calm and playful martial art against chaos."Berk Vaher, Eesti Ekspress 20.04.22

"Estonia's own wonder egg"Arvi Tapver, 12.04.22

Alfa Collective's latest EP "Hello Egg", released in March 2022 is jazz-funk-experimental-pop-fusion explosion. Thematically exploring emotional extremes of a young woman, the five songs lead the listener through a wild and fun musical journey full of dream-pop synths, funky guitars and erratic drums. The EP has received high praise from Estonian critics and has been compared to the likes of Jaga Jazzist, Thundercat, Stereolab, Koop.    

Alfa Collective's debut album "Canvas" was released in autumn 2018. "Canvas" is an eclectic musical journey fragmented into bursts of improvisation, quiet observations, effortless melodies and smooth beats.
The album features 9 tracks and two additional musicians: award winning guitarist Erki Pärnoja and singer-violinist Marianne Leibur. "Canvas" was chosen to be the album of the month in Estonia's prominent jazz radio Raadio Tallinn and has received positive feedback from soul and jazz scene representatives and critics.

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